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How Does a Self-Healing Home Cell Membrane Work?

Microscopic levels of damage can occur in residential water-resistant air barrier membranes during application, and over time, due to wear and tear and environmental elements. Tiny cracks can lead to significant thermal bridging and eventual material failure. In addition, homeowners rarely detect these cracks in time to intervene and repair them before more severe damage occurs.

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A foundation’s quality plays a significant role in a building’s performance and longevity. If you improperly design and install the foundation, particularly the below-grade drainage and systems, severe building integrity problems will happen.

Polyguard's single-component Airlok Flex® Family of Fluid-Applied Air Barrier products offer builders and architects a superior solution to their design and application challenges.

Polyguard products achieves these goals with our tested, continuous building envelope components, including waterproofing, air barrier, drainage, and accessory systems.

Choosing between a permeable and non-permeable air barrier depends on your climate zones and building codes.

Applying Poly Wall® below-grade waterproofing systems to any foundation wall with earth on one side and usable space on the other (including crawl spaces) significantly minimizes moisture-related problems to your home.

Protecting your home with a high-quality air barrier, from the top down to its foundation, will protect the home's integrity and air quality, along with lessening maintenance and repair bills.