"POLYGUARD RD-6® HT COATING SYSTEM is a non-shielding anti-corrosion system used on buried and submerged line pipe, rehabilitation, and new construction girth welds. RD-6 HT® can also be used above ground but the coating must be protected from harmful UV rays. When used above ground, Polyguard recommends using the RD-6 UVO for an extra layer of protection from the sun. The RD-6 Coating System consists of a liquid adhesive, a geotextile backed protective pipeline coating and SP-6™ outerwrap. Corrosion protection comes from the polymer modified coating layer. Bonded to the outside surface of this coating is a strong, tightly woven, polypropylene geotextile fabric, which provides non-shielding properties plus high breaking strength and low elongation. It is suitable for use with pipeline operating temperatures not exceeding 190°F (88°C). RD-6 has been in use since 1988 providing effective corrosion protection.

RD-6 HT coating is manufactured in rolls for ease of application using a Polyguard approved machine such as the Wrapster or power operated machine. RD-6 HT is produced with a silicone coated release liner to prevent the layers from adhering to one another and assist in the application process. The Polyguard Wrapster is designed with two spindles, one providing tension of the RD-6 HT coating being applied to the pipe and the other to spool the release liner during the application process. RD-6 HT utilizes compression and tension during the application process made possible by the woven geotextile, polypropylene backing to ensure proper long-term performance. RD-6 HT may be applied manually without using the Wrapster, but it is important to recognize that adequate tension should be used consistently during its application. "

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Features & Benefits

Non-shielding coating designed for high temperature service
In the case of a coating disbondment, the cathodic protection current will not be shielded and will be able to reach the substrate
Excellent resistance to cathodic disbondment, even with below standard surface preparation
The geotextile backing used with RD-6 HT provides physical properties of high breaking strength, low elongation and high temperature resistance which all contribute to resistance of soil stress and continued corrosion protection
A time saver: it's fast, easy-to-apply, and can be backfilled immediately after coating
Has visco-elastic properties to accommodate normal expansion and contraction of the substrate
The woven construction of the geotextile backing permits contact throughout the overlaps providing stronger adhesion in this critical area of the coating
Has excellent water vapor transmission resistance.

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