Ultra CRM™

Ultra CRM™ - Chemical Resistant Membrane - is a strong, 60-mil, post-applied membrane designed and tested to withstand elevated concentrations of soil, fluid and vapor contaminants when installed on below grade concrete or CMU structures; such as concrete foundation walls, tunnels, parking garages and related applications where chemical resistant waterproofing is critical.
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Features & Benefits

Superior Barrier: Provides a barrier that has been designed and tested to withstand elevated concentrations of contaminants typically found in construction sites which may be considered brownfield projects.
Lasting Durability: Tough 3-layer composite membrane - Technology that has stood the test of time.
Crack Protection: Underslab is thicker than most competitive products giving it stress-absorbing and elongation properties that maintain a watertight seal if cracks develop in the base material or the slab.
Strong Mechanical Bond: Our inner fiberous layer embeds itself into the cured concrete creating a very strong mechanical bond - ensures our waterproofing system will stay in place as the building and outside soil moves during the building's lifetime.
Resistant to Water Migration: An adhesive bond is created when heat from the concrete slab while curing , causes our compound to melt onto the concrete's positive side surface creating a continuous sealed floor.
Jobsite Adaptability: Flexible material that adapts to job site irregularities for ease of installation.
Superior Joints: Strong laps seams create a long lasting, water tight system - Outperforms the new AC 527 standard (ASTM 1876) by more than 150%.

Product Resources

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Ultra CRM - Data Sheet
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Ultra CRM - Guide Spec
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Ultra CRM - Product Information Sheet
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Ultra CRM - Materials Checklist
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Ultra CRM - SDS

Product Details

Ultra CRM - Detail Set (CRU1-5)
Ultra CRM - Detail - Self Adhered Repair Patch (CRU1)
Ultra CRM - Detail - Vertical Wall Application (CRU2)
Ultra CRM - Detail - Tunnel Waterproofing (CRU3)
Ultra CRM - Detail - Penetration Rough Fit Around Penetration Sidewall (CRU4)
Ultra CRM - Detail - Top Of Wall Termination (CRU5)