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Matt Risinger has relied on Polyguard since 2015, when the Residential brand, Poly-Wall, entered the market.

Today, the team at Build continues to depend on our Residential line of construction products for a wide variety of vapor and air barrier solutions. Experience the same great products Matt and his team have used by purchasing directly from Polyguard.

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Butyl Flash Installation Video
Polyguard WS20 Installation Video
Polyguard Products Deckguard® HT Installation Video
Stretch Flex Installation Video
Foundation Waterproofing Bomber Method

Matt Loves Polyguard Products

Watch as Matt uses Polyguard (formerly Poly-Wall) products in a variety of his projects. 

Explore the library of videos to learn more about our products, their applications, and get ideas about how to incorporate Polyguard into your next construction project. 

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Waterproofing Bautex Insulated Concrete Forms
This Pink Stuff is The Secret to ICF Waterproofing
Insulated Concrete Forms - Overview, Costs, and Cons
Poly Wall® - Building Solutions (PBS) - Aluma Flash™ Application
Poly Wall - Building Solutions (PBS) - Matt Risinger PodCast FHB IBS2017
Poly Wall - Building Solutions (PBS) - Application
Poly Wall® - Building Solutions (PBS) - Blue Barrier™ Liquid Wrap 2300 Application
Poly Wall® - Building Solutions (PBS) - Blue Barrier™ Flash-N-Wrap 2400Application
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