Stretch Flex

(Formerly Home Stretch Liquid Waterproofing and Commercial Stretch)

  • Not available for sale in: California, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, Rhode Island

Polyguard Stretch Flex is a solvent-based, elastomeric coating which cures to form a durable waterproofing membrane capable of bridging cracks up to 1/16th of an inch. Polyguard Stretch Flex is designed for waterproofing below-grade concrete, precast concrete, CMU and other vertical foundation surfaces where hydrostatic pressure may be present. When used with Polyflow 10 and Blue Barrier Joint Filler 2200 compatible sealant, Polyguard Stretch Flex provides a complete foundation wall waterproofing system.

It is NOT designed for above-grade applications, horizontal substrate applications such as decks, patios and roofs, nor for use as waterproofing over ICF (Insulated Concrete Forming) systems. (Please see our Home Stretch Membrane sheet waterproofing system for ICF foundation wall waterproofing). 

Click the link below for the full list of companion products used in conjunction with Polyguard Stretch Flex, to complete the system.

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Features & Benefits

Easy to install; spray or roll
No primer required, install directly over clean and dry poured concrete, CMU or precast vertical walls
Cured coating provides a tough protective waterproofing barrier
Can be installed in both cold (0°F and rising) and hot (up to 120°F) temperatures
Covers hard to reach corners, transitions and footers
Expected Coverage of 27sq ft / gallon at 60 mils thick when applied (wet)
Available in 5 gallon size
This product is not available in the following states: Maryland, Delaware, Rhode Island, Connecticut and California.

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