Quick Grip 30 lb Canister

Not available for sale in California

Quick Grip is an industrial-grade aerosolized adhesive in a portable spray system. Quick Grip is formulated to adhere protection courses, drainage composites, rigid insulation, sheet air & vapor barrier membranes, sheet waterproofing membranes, and sheet thru-wall flashings to a variety of substrates. It contains no chlorinated solvents and offers an excellent alternative to methylene chloride-based products. Quick Grip provides a fast and economical solution to most building envelope component adhesive requirements. Expect coverage of 1200-1400 SF per canister.

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Features & Benefits

Expect Coverage of 1200-1400 SF per canister
Quick dry time, 1-3 minutes at 60°F
No clean-up or maintenance
Approximate bonding time is 2 days
Can be used as a primer or an adhesive
Excellent adhesion to many substrates
Aggressive grab tack
Dries clear

Product Resources

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Quick Grip Adhesive - SDS
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Quick Grip Adhesive - Product Information Sheet