Aluma Flash

Poly Wall® Aluma Flash™ is a self-adhering, self-sealing, waterproof rubberized asphalt tape, laminated to polyethylene film, with a top protective layer of aluminum to provide protection from UV exposure for 1 year. The coating is supplied in rolls, with an easy to remove film release sheet, for easy application. Aluma Flash™ is available in 20 mil thickness and a variety of roll sizes. Used to strip in or flash straight window frames, door frames, and other construction seams. 

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Features & Benefits

Reflective tape made for extended UV exposure up to 1 year
Simple peel and stick application
Self seals: Providing a smooth watertight surface around nails, staples, and fasteners.
Superior adhesion enhancing speed on the job.
Great elasticity: Resists cracking or tearing if structural movement occurs.
Available in 4", 6", 9", 12" widths
Length is 75 linear feet
20 mil aluminum backed rubberized asphalt sheet air barrier membrane

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