TERM Termite Sealant is a waterproofing sealant plus a termite barrier. It is formulated from polymer asphalt which has been upgraded to incorporate a non-chemical termite and insect barrier.

TERM Termite Sealant is used to seal slab penetrations (a common termite entry point). It also seals overlaps, gaps, and penetrations where TERM membrane barriers are installed.

TERM Termite Sealant comes in a 1 qt. can and can be installed using a putty knife. Expected coverage is about 150 – ½” diameter penetrations or 43 – 2” diameter penetrations. When sealing membrane terminations with a ½” face bead, one quart will cover about 50 LF.


  • Not available for sale in: California, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, and Rhode Island



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Features & Benefits

Single component sealant available in quarts and gallons
Termite, water, and air exclusion
Most common uses include top of slab pipe penetrations, control joints and edge of slab to interior concrete walls
Sealant remains elastomeric for the life of the structure
The only physical termite barrier with over 20 years of testing and an evaluation report by the ICC (Internation Code Council) AC 380 ESR 3632
30 day UV exposure

Product Resources

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