Poly-Wall products rebranded under Polyguard name

For many years, you have trusted and supported the Poly-Wall portfolio of products, including brands like Blue Barrier, Aluma Flash, and Home Stretch. We are excited to share some changes you will begin to see when it comes to the Poly-Wall product offering.

We recently launched our new website and refreshed branding for our parent company, Polyguard. After much consideration, we decided this was also the right time to rebrand the Poly-Wall family of products under Polyguard. Poly-Wall will now be referred to as Polyguard Residential Division, better aligning this segment with Polyguard’s other divisions: Architectural, Highway, Mechanical and Pipeline.

You may have noticed some of our products’ names have already changed. For instance, Window Seal is now listed as WS20. It’s the same great product but you will see its label shows our parent company, Polyguard. It will take some time, but over the course of the next 12 months, we will move over to the Polyguard brand for all heritage Poly-Wall products.

As we sell through the current stock of Poly-Wall products and need to turn over the product listing to the new item, we will add remaining inventory to the clearance section of our website. Feel free to check often and take advantage of discounted materials.

We have also created a quick reference guide with all current (or former) products and the coinciding new name.

As always, please feel free to reach out to us with questions, concerns or general feedback! We appreciate your continued business and look forward to being part of your next project!