Cool Wrap - Alumaguard

Alumaguard® Cool Wrap™ this technology is a 'green' energy saving flexible cladding which includes a matte white finish, it qualifies for LEED credits. Meets solar reflectance and emissivity requirements of Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) and California Title 24. Alumaguard® flexible weather-proofing jacket is the original, self-healing membrane used on exterior duct-work, refrigeration and chilled water piping, tanks, vessels, and equipment.

Alumaguard® is a composite membrane consisting of a multi-ply embossed UV-resistant aluminum foil/polymer laminate to which is applied a layer of rubberized asphalt specially formulated for use on insulated duct and piping applications. Alumaguard® out performs other common exterior weather barriers, laggings, or coatings, and, by providing exceptional UV protection, weather protection, vapor barrier, and mechanical protection; and simple ‘peel and stick’ installation!
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Features & Benefits

Zero Perm (0.00 permeability)
10-Year Warranty
Cold weather acrylic adhesive allows installation down to 10°F
Composite membrane with superior bond strength
Easy to install peel and stick, no special tools required
Self-healing, puncture resistant
Excellent emissivity & sound attenuation (STC 18)
UV Resistant aluminum foil/polymer laminate

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