CA-9 Mastic

POLYGUARD CA-9™ MASTIC is a cold-applied, solvent release, corrosion resistant protective coating for waterproofing underground metal surfaces. This single component bitumen coating has high film building characteristics and provides dry film thickness up to 12 mils per coat. The solvent-resin combination obtains good substrate wetting, consequently a primer is not required for CA-9™ MASTIC. CA-9™ MASTIC is an oil resistant solution of coal tar and vinyl resin. The combination of the tar and the vinyl provides enhanced resistance to crude oil and aliphatic petroleum products. Its high solids content results in a low cost per mil durable coating for underground substances.

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Features & Benefits

Excellent resistance to water and moisture vapor transmission
Not affected by the solvents or solids of the mastic
Resistant to deterioration from acids and alkalis encountered in normal soil
Easily applied to irregular and complex shapes such as valves, flanges, tees, elbows and mechanical couplings
Vinyl component enhances the resistance of CA-9™ MASTIC to most crude oil and aliphatic hydrocarbons

Product Resources

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