Sausage Gun Tip Collar

The Plastic Nozzle Collar is a retaining ring cap that fits over the plastic nozzle and thread to the front of the sausage gun loaded with Polyguard Residential Blue Barrier Gap Filler (BBGF) or Blue Barrier Liquid Flashing (BBLF) sausage materials.

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Features & Benefits

The collars are more reusable as they secure the tip to the sausage gun.
These nozzles are more efficient at sealing membrane laps like the Home Stretch Membrane.
Can also be used in window & Door openings so compatible with BB GF and BB LF
Faster than Spreading with a trowel
Applies 1/8" thick ribbon of product consistently and evenly saving time and money
Comes in adjustable widths – 5/8”; 3/4”; 7/8”; 1”; 1 ¼”; 1 3/8”; 1 ½”
Fits all 2” diameter barrel Special Deluxe Bulk & Sausage Guns as well as B-Line Bulk Guns