TERM Micro-Mesh is a perfect solution to areas that need drainage and air flow, but also need to keep subterranean termites and all other insects and pests out. This marine-grade 316 Stainless Steel Mesh is flexible and easily cut with standard scissors. Embed the mesh into TERM Sealant for an exclusion against top of concrete leave-outs/bath traps and other areas in need of pest exclusion. TERM Micro-Mesh is pre-cut into sections of 2' x 4'.

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Features & Benefits

Stainless-Steel Marine Grade Micro-Mesh
0.02" aperture blocks all subterranean termites
allows drainage where needed
can be used with TERM All-Pest Bath Trap
Available in easy to cut 2' x 4' sections
Evaluation report by the ICC (Internation Code Council) AC 380 ESR 1860

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TERM Micromesh - Detail - Micromesh for Pest Bath Trap (TPC4a)