Polyguard TERM Particle Barrier can protect several points on the structure from termite entry. Two of these, shown in the above graphics, are the exposed concrete perimeter and bath traps. The use of particle barriers to block termite entry has been known since the 1950’s. The concept was field tested by Eberling, University of California at Berkeley, in 1956. Significant development work was done by Yamamoto, University of Hawaii in the 1980’s.

Polyguard’s particle barrier consists of sub angular or angular quartz particulates with mesh sizes between 8 and 16. These sizes are shown to block both the Formosan and the native American species. In the mainland U.S., extensive work on particle barriers has been done at the University of Florida and Texas A&M University.
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Features & Benefits

Termite exclusion product @ only 4" in depth and width needed
Can reduce the quantity of termiticides needed during the life of the structure
Proven technology since 1950s
Made from quartz particulates that are exactly sized, shaped, weighted to prevent subterranean termites from passing through
Most common applications are around exposed vertical concrete slabs, concrete piers, and filling bath traps or other concrete leave-outs
When properly installed and maintained, provides 100% efficacy
Maintenance is required after installation, as product needs to be visually inspected for any disruptions or voids
Pesticide free and safe around pets, children, etc.

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TERM | 8 to 16 Grit Particle Barrier - Data Sheet