ZEROPERM Self-Wound Tape

ZEROPERM® Self-Wound Tape is available to complete the field installation. It uses a high quality, acrylic adhesive with excellent cold weather performance. ZEROPERM® Self-Wound Tape has no liner and is used on valves and fittings. It is available in 1", 2”, and 3” wide rolls. Made from the same material as the ZEROPERM® Vapor Barrier, the tape maintains an absolute “zero perm” barrier that provides maximum protection for all types of insulations used in below ambient, sub-freezing and cryogenic applications on duct, pipe, or vessel systems.

ZEROPERM® Tapes are used as part of the ZEROPERM® Vapor Barrier System on cold pipe applications either between layers of insulation on sub-freezing projects like LNG piping, or as the outer vapor-barrier jacket on ammonia, brine or glycol systems under mechanical jacketing, either metal or PVC. ZEROPERM® can also be used on chilled water systems replacing ASJ and PVDC jacketing either left exposed or under a protective metal or PVC jacket.
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Features & Benefits

Meets ASTM E84 25/50 Smoke and Flame requirements
Puncture and tear resistant
Zero permeability
Mold resistant
Available in silver or white
1", 2”, and 3” wide rolls
Rolls are 400' long

Product Resources

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