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How Much is a Termite Barrier?

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Termites often damage a house long before the owners realize they have a full-blown infestation. This is why it's important to know how to install termite barriers around houses.

Termites cause $40 billion in damage globally and destroy parts of more than 600,000 houses in the U.S. annually, making termite treatments mandatory. How long does a termite barrier last?

Polyguard TERM Non-Pesticide Physical Termite Barriers provide a superior solution to blocking termites, energy, radon, and moisture infiltration in one building envelope solution.

Protecting below-grade insulated concrete form (ICF) walls (crawl space, slab, or basement) from termites requires an application of superior ICF waterproofing, like TERM Water|Termite Barrier. Termites can’t compromise the strength of a below-grade ICF wall, but they can burrow through, undetected by coverings of siding, wood, paint, stucco, etc. Eventually, the termites will make it […]

Concrete slabs and foundation walls will inevitably crack, allowing entry of water, contaminants, and termites The best concrete waterproofing blocks water before it reaches the concrete joints or cracks, thus protecting the building envelope from water damage. Above grade, flashings (pictured below) and air barriers block moisture and air leaks, improving air quality and providing […]

Hello and welcome to another week of the TERM® Barrier System blog series! This week we will be continuing our summer blog series, Building Out Bugs, by highlighting a way you can block pests from entering the home through the slab. As part of the TERM Barrier System, Polyguard has developed TERM Flooring Underlayment membranes […]

Author, Cassie Krejci, Ph.D. Welcome to week 3 of the TERM® Barrier System blog series! In other posts on our website and social media accounts, you have seen the words integrated pest management, or IPM, many times. I’m taking the opportunity this week to explain why this concept is extremely important to pest management. Integrated […]