10 Types of Pipe Corrosion and How to Prevent Them 7
10 Types of Pipe Corrosion and How to Prevent Them

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Protecting the exterior surface of underground pipelines from abrasion damage due to rocks, boulders, and above-ground traffic and equipment requires an abrasion-resistant outer layer or coating. An effective way to ensure an abrasion-resistant steel pipe involves applying a protective layer, like Polyguard IRO™ (Impact Resistant Outerwrap) and IRO™ HD (Heavy Duty) products.

The design of buried steel pipes must provide methods and materials, like Polyguard Pipeline Coatings, that protect against problems that can impact the integrity of the coating or pipe.

Industrial coatings (paints) provide a long-term, cost-effective solution to protecting your equipment's reliability, which is vital to maintaining a facility's performance and profitability. In addition, applying a high-quality industrial coating system, like POLYGUARD RD-6® COATING SYSTEM will increase the service life of your equipment and infrastructure, preventing severe damage and expensive shutdowns.

Pipeline corrosion prevention aims to protect the world’s extensive network of buried pipelines. Without corrosion protection, pipes can lose their integrity, lowering mechanical strength through the development of exterior cracks and holes, which can lead to failures. A corrosion prevention coating system must resist degradation over time and conduct cathodic protection currents should the coating […]

In a residential home, corroded pipes are a serious problem. In commercial and industrial applications, pipeline corrosion is a nightmare. Pipeline corrosion occurs when old metal pipes rust from exposure to water or moisture from the environment. Corroded pipelines can damage the quality of whatever they’re carrying, from water to oil. When pipelines are damaged […]