Patching Concrete
Patching Concrete: Roads vs. Residential Driveways

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At some point in time, all parking lots require pothole repair. Bowl-shaped potholes result from the localized break-up of the pavement due to several processes:

Applying a high-quality bridge waterproofing membrane, like that offered by Polyguard, to a new or existing bridge deck will stop the contact of moisture and chlorides with the concrete, which leads to deterioration and corrosion of the steel reinforcement. Bridge waterproofing systems also protect the bridge’s integrity, extend its life, and lessen repairs and maintenance […]

Applying a quality tunnel waterproofing membrane to a concrete project, whether a massive underground highway or just a shallow utility tunnel, will protect the tunnel’s integrity during its lifespan, limiting repairs and maintenance that can interrupt service and threaten users’ safety. Failed tunnel waterproofing methods will allow water, soils, and chemicals infiltration leading to corrosion […]

Properly installed and maintained waterproofing membranes for a parking garage deck will minimize maintenance and repair costs and extend its service life. Modern methods of parking garage waterproofing better understand deterioration mechanisms. Specifically, the long-term performance of a parking garage depends on the effectiveness of the waterproof barriers in preventing moisture and chemical contamination and […]