How Much is a Termite Barrier?

Applying a quality termite barrier can help protect you against the costly damage caused by the rapid colonization of the pests within your home or building’s wood components. Termite damage requires extensive building repairs, including load-bearing beam replacements, load-bearing walls, and other structural components that can cost $3,000 or as high as $20,250. Unfortunately, home and building owner’s insurance often does not cover these repairs.

The final cost of termite barrier treatment depends on the treatment type, building size, and the extent of the infestation. In addition, the annual cost of termite barrier treatment and monitoring ranges from $400 to $1,500, averaging $950.

Professional pest exterminators offer several methods for protecting buildings from costly termite damage. However, only TERM® Barrier Systems Division of Polyguard Products provides a long-lasting, non-pesticide, waterproofing/termite barrier that significantly reduces the need for termite monitoring, pesticide treatments, and potential maintenance and repairs due to termite damage during the structure's lifetime—features that all significantly reduce the long-term cost of termite barrier treatment.

The Cost of Termite Barrier Treatment

Companies typically use one of three pricing methods to determine the cost of termite barrier treatment services: per linear foot, per square foot, or custom estimates. The building size and magnitude of the termiste’s problem determines the project's best billing method and cost for termite barrier treatment.

Per-Linear-Foot Pricing

The costs of termite barrier treatment per linear foot is calculated based on the linear footage of the structure that needs treating.Typically, pest control companies that aim to eliminate any points of entry for termites use per-linear foot pricing.

Per-Square-Foot Pricing

Pest control companies that conduct interior treatments often base pricing on the total square footage that needs protection.

Custom Estimate Pricing

Pest control companies that conduct one-time treatment (e.g., foam injections and fumigation) usually customize the cost estimate for termite treatment. The cost of these termite barrier treatments can ultimately change depending on the amount of work and materials required to treat the space.

The Types and Costs: How Much is a Termite Barrier, Actually?

Professional pest exterminators typically offer the following protections against termite infestation, which vary in cost and long-term effectiveness.

Note: Polyguard recommends requesting price estimates from multiple pest control services in your region since the national average may not reflect your termite situation.

Bait Treatment Costs

Bait treatment costs $8–$12 per linear foot. Bait systems use bait stations that contain poison-laced cellulose, which the termites digest and return to their colonies. Bait termite treatment lasts several months and requires monthly or quarterly monitoring to ensure the bait is still in place and attracting termites.  

Liquid Termite Treatment Costs

Liquid treatment costs $3–$15 per linear foot. Liquid barrier treatments involve applying liquid termiticides around a structure's foundation to create a barrier that repels or kills termites on contact, to effectively prevent and treat termite infestations. Liquid termite treatment lasts five to twelve years.

Tenting Termite Treatment Costs

Tenting treatment costs $10–$20 per linear foot. Tenting involves enclosing an entire structure in a tent and using gas to kill off termites. Tenting termite treatment lasts five years under the right conditions.

Heat-based Termite Treatment Costs

Heat-based treatments cost $10 per linear foot. Heat-based, non-chemical termite treatments (thermal remediation) exterminate termites and their eggs by exposing them to temperatures of 120 to 150℉ (40 to 65℃) for 35 minutes. Heat-based termite treatments offer no ongoing protection.

Termite Barrier Treatment Cost

Permanent physical barriers, such as those offered by the TERM® Barrier Systems Division of Polyguard Products, save money on long-term treatments, repair, and maintenance costs. Because termite barriers cover specific locations of a home and different sizes of space, the costs of a termite barrier ranges anywhere from $52 –  $350.

Permanent Protection with Polyguard TERM® Non-Pesticide Physical Termite Barriers

The TERM® Barrier Systems Division of Polyguard Products specializes in pesticide-free physical pest barriers. TERM® offers Termites, Energy, Radon, and Moisture prevention in a single building envelope solution. Our long-lasting, effective system significantly reduces the need for pesticides during the structure’s lifetime when correctly installed and maintained.

Polyguard offers TERM® Barriers for protecting specific parts of a building or home:

TERM® Barrier System’s base component, the TERM® Underslab Waterproofing|TermiteBarrier, blocks termites and water at the slab joints and cracks.

TERM® Termite Sealant protects against water and termites at the TERM® membrane barrier overlaps, penetrations, and gaps.

TERM® All Pest Bath Trap Barrier blocks termites, fire ants, mice, rats, moles, and snakes from invading through bath traps in a concrete slab.

TERM® Foundation Waterproofing|Termite Barrier seals foundation joints and cracks to block termite and water.

TERM® Sill Moisture|Termite Barrier prevents termites from accessing wood framing through joints in the floor or concrete cracks - common access points for subterranean termites.

TERM® Flashing Moisture|Termite Barrier applies at the convergence of the horizontal exterior sheathing and concrete slab. Most sheathings resist termite penetration; however, their seams are vulnerable. TERM® Flashing Moisture|Termite Barrier can also be used to seal sheathing seams and the gaps around window and door openings.

TERM® Isolation Joint|Termite Barrier seals isolation joints (cold joints) in the gaps where sidewalks, driveways, and patios connect with the building or home, areas where termites and other pests can infiltrate.

TERM® Particle Barrier protects several points on the building from termite entry, including the exposed concrete perimeter and bath traps.

TERM® Tile Underlayment|Termite Barrier stops cracks in the subfloor from appearing on the tile surface. It also blocks water and termites when properly installed.

TERM® Wood Floor Underlayment|Termite Barrier protects the underlayment for wood and laminate flooring. It also blocks water and termites when properly installed.

Polyguard TERM® Non-Pesticide Physical Termite Barriers Reduce Long-Term Costs

Polyguard TERM® Non-Pesticide Physical Termite Barriers are a long-lasting, superior solution to blocking termites in one building envelope, compared to other methods of termite barriers that only offer temporary solutions like bait, liquid, tenting, and heat. Permanently stopping termites from accessing your building or house will protect its value and save thousands of dollars in repair, maintenance, and annual monitoring and treatments.  

Don't hesitate to contact the Polyguard® professionals today for more information on the cost of termite barrier treatment!