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Pipeline Coatings Ultimate Guide 7
Pipeline Coatings: Ultimate Guide

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The best window flashing tape offers strength and durability to last the window's lifetime. Here's what you need to know about finding the best flashing tape for windows.

Insulation and vapor barriers provide vital components of an energy-efficient, durable, and healthy building or home.

Waterproofing your concrete floor with crack-resistant Polyguard® Underseal® Underslab Membrane and Polyguard® TERM® Floor Underlayment Barrier will protect the flooring from the structurally damaging, expensive,

Proper waterproofing of basement floors and walls will protect your home or building’s strength and durability.

Vapor barriers and encapsulation can both control moisture accumulation and structurally damaging and unhealthy mold growth in a crawl space.

A waterproofing membrane protects a building against above-grade bulk water infiltration from rain, runoff, snow, etc., and below-grade infiltration due to hydrostatic pressures.

Vapor diffusion occurs when moisture moves from a higher to a lower moisture concentration space or from a warmer to a colder place within a building product, like insulation. In contrast, vapor retarders only hinder vapor diffusion.

Closed-cell foam insulation is a superior and effective insulator for attics, crawl spaces, rim joists, pole barns, existing homes and buildings, vans, new construction, and more.