Understanding Self Adhering Sheet Membrane Waterproofing

A self-adhering sheet waterproofing membrane provides a straightforward, peel-and-stick application for numerous horizontal and vertical locations and conditions, for example

  • Foundation walls, sills, spandrel beams, mudwalls, parking garages, tunnels, and plaza decks

  • Balconies, decks, and exposed multi-story walkways

  • High temp roofs

  • Concrete horizontal and vertical applications

  • Expanded and extruded polystyrene ICF

  • Poured concrete foundation and CMU walls

Benefits of Self-Adhering Sheet Waterproofing Membranes

Self-adhering sheet waterproofing membranes provide several advantages that save builders time and money and effectively protect against water infiltration.

  • Fast and easy-to-install self-adhered sheet waterproofing requires no special application tools. They overlap on top of themselves to create a strong bond.

  • Factory-controlled self-adhering sheet waterproofing membranes ensure the proper thickness as mandated by codes. In contrast, fluid-applied products rely on the installer applying a consistent thickness of waterproofing.

  • Fully-cured, self-adhered sheet waterproofing applies as a finished product, which hastens the construction schedule.

  • Self-adhered sheet waterproofing, with a strong reinforcement laminated on elastomeric bitumen, bonds well to the substrate.

  • A fully bonded self-adhered membrane bonds to the substrate and protects against hydrostatic pressure for enhanced water protection.

  • Self-adhered sheet waterproofing lacks VOCs.

  • Self-adhered sheet waterproofing can extend the service life of the structure.

Polyguard Self-Adhering Sheet Waterproofing Membrane Applications

Polyguard Waterproofing Systems offers several different self-adhering sheet waterproofing membranes for various applications:

  • Contractors can install 650 Sheet Membraneto the exterior side of vertical walls.

  • Builders can install Balconyguard™ Membrane on wood decks or balconies before covering the space with lightweight concrete.

  • Roofers can install high-heat Deckguard® HT waterproofing underlayment on sloped roof decks under most roof coverings, like shingles and metal roofs, for commercial and residential roofs.

  • Designers and builders can permanently apply Underseal® PRM™ to horizontal and vertical concrete applications.

  • The engineering of Poly Wall Home Stretch™ 40 Mil Membrane allows for application on expanded and extruded polystyrene insulated concrete forms (ICF), waterproofing poured concrete foundation walls, concrete masonry unit (CMU) walls, and related waterproofing applications in the presence of hydrostatic pressure.

  • Builders can install peel-and-stick TERM® Sill Moisture|Termite Barrier non-chemical termite, moisture, and energy barrier directly on the concrete underneath the sill plate.

Polyguard 650 Sheet Membrane

Strong, flexible, 60-mil, post concrete pour 650 Sheet self-adhesive waterproofing membrane/vapor retarder prevents vapor and water transmission through exterior, vertical concrete walls and slabs, wood and concrete block structures, and ICFs.

Builders can use Polyguard 650 sheet membrane on foundation walls, sills and spandrel beams, mudwalls, parking garages, tunnels, plaza decks, and other critical waterproofing applications.

Polyguard 650 Sheet Membrane includes the following features:

  • A self-adhering sheet membrane with a thick, high-strength, co-extruded backing

  • A puncture resistance two times greater than the new AC 527 requirement (when installed with our Polyflow drain board as a system), to create superior protection against backfill damage

  • The strong lap seams of the 650 membrane create a long-lasting, water-tight system that more than doubles the minimum requirement AC 527 standard (ASTM 1876)

  • A flexible material that adapts to job site irregularities for straightforward installation

  • Builders can use 650 Sheet Membrane in the Dual Core System that capitalizes on the advantages of a fluid-applied and sheet-applied membrane in one system

  • Polyguard offers 650 Sheet Membranes in the following sizes: 36-inch x 66.7-foot and 48-inch x 50-foot rolls

Polyguard Balconyguard™ Membrane

Self-adhesive, 60-ml Balconyguard™ Membrane is an ideal solution for multi-family and apartment construction with many balconies and decks and exposed multi-story walkways that will require covering with lightweight concrete.

Polyguard Balconyguard™ Membrane includes the following features:

  • A treated removable release film

  • Strong, self-adhering sheet membrane with a thick, high-strength, co-extruded backing

  • Flexible material that adapts to complex job site areas for easy installation

  • Includes custom corner boots to simplify installation and detailing, to time and money on the job site

  • 48-inch wide rolls reduce edge seams by up to 25 percent compared to 36-inch wide material

Polyguard Deckguard® HT

High-heat, 40-mil Deckguard® HT roofing membrane offers superior adhesion to the roof deck and waterproofing around potential leak areas like protrusions, skylights, valleys, and other flashing areas.

Polyguard Deckguard® HT includes the following features:

  • A high-heat resistant membrane that allows exposure up to 260°F (126 °C)

  • Membrane has a high-strength, slip-resistant spider-web backing laminated to a high-heat asphalt compound

  • Film release liner allows for ease of application.

  • Removing the release liner exposes a strong asphalt compound to bond to the roof deck

  • A self-sealing membrane that seals around nails to resist leakage created by water backup due to ice dams or wind-driven rains

Polyguard Underseal® PRM™ - Puncture Resistant Membrane

Underseal® PRM™ post-concrete pour sheet waterproofing membrane/vapor retarder adheres tightly and permanently to concrete horizontal and vertical applications.

  • Applies to horizontal slabs like parking garages, plaza decks, plywood decks, and related applications

  • Applies to the exterior sides of vertical concrete foundation walls, tunnels, and related applications

Polyguard Underseal® PRM™ includes the following features:

  • A robust, self-adhering sheet membrane with a thick, high-strength co-extruded backing laminated to a thick layer of rubberized asphalt compound

  • Backing forms a continuous barrier to water and moisture vapor infiltration

  • Two times a higher puncture resistance than the AC 527 requirement, which protects against backfill damage

  • Strong laps seams outperform the new AC 527 standard (ASTM 1876) by more than 150 percent for a long-lasting, water-tight system

  • Does not require a protection course before backfilling when using clean fill, which allows for faster waterproofing applications

  • Can use Underseal® PRM™ in the Dual Core System, which capitalizes on the advantages of a fluid-applied and sheet-applied membrane in one system

  • Adapts to job site irregularities for ease of installation

Home Stretch 40 Mil Membrane

Self-adhering, Home Stretch™ 40 Mill peel-and-stick sheet waterproofing membrane expanded and extruded polystyrene ICF, waterproofing poured concrete foundation walls, CMU walls.

Home Stretch 40 Mil includes the following features:

  • A tear-resistant, disposable, peel-and-stick release film that protects the adhesive layer

  • A long-lasting, durable membrane that contains a strong, pliable high-density polyethylene (HDPE) facing bonded to a rubberized asphalt waterproofing compound

  • Home Stretch 40 Mil contains no VOCs or odor

  • A high tensile strength that provides excellent flexibility

  • Extended selvage edge offers asphalt-to-asphalt adhesion at the seam

  • Side lap design that delivers increased water tightness

  • Factory-controlled 40-mil uniformity and consistent thickness

  • Polyguard offers Home Stretch™ 40 Mil in 36-inch x 66.7-foot rolls (200 ft2)

TERM® Sill Moisture|Termite Barrier

Peel and stick TERM® Sill Moisture|Termite Barrier blocks entry of subterranean termites at the exposed underside of the sill plate. It also acts as an air and moisture barrier.

TERM® Sill Moisture|Termite Barrier includes the following features:

  • Winds onto a disposable treated release sheet, which peels away to expose the adhesive face just before application

  • Formulated from polymer asphalt that incorporates a non-chemical termite and insect barrier

  • 4-mil high-density polyethylene film bonds to 64 mils of sealant to create a total thickness of 68 mils

  • Consists of a sealant laminated to a high-strength and puncture-resistant polyethylene backing

  • Offers the only physical termite barrier with over 20 years of testing and an evaluation report by the International Code Council AC 380 ESR 3632

  • Membrane can resist up to 30 days of UV exposure

Choose Polyguard High-Performing Self-Adhering Sheet Waterproofing Membranes

Polyguard self-adhering sheet waterproofing membrane is a straightforward, peel-and-stick application for numerous horizontal and vertical waterproofing and pest control situations. Polyguard is easy-to-apply, durable, and the self-adhering sheet waterproofing membranes save builders time and money and effectively protect against water infiltration for the life span of the building.

Contact our team of Polyguard professionals today for more on Polyguard high-performing self-adhering sheet waterproofing membranes.