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Alumaguard® All Weather Cool Wrap gives you all the benefits of Alumaguard All Weather but with the addition of a bright white finish, which meets California Title 24, CRRC and Energy Star requirements. This technology is a 'green' energy saving flexible cladding which includes a matte white finish. It qualifies for LEED credits, has an energy star rating, and it exceeds California Title 24 (emissivity & reflectivity). Alumaguard® All Weather weather-proofing cladding from Polyguard Products is the only flexible insulation cladding available in the market which combines the self-healing characteristics of rubberized asphalt with the ease of application and cold weather performance of acrylic adhesive-based products.

Alumaguard All Weather Cool Wrap is a composite membrane consisting of a matte white finish to which is applied a layer of rubberized asphalt specially formulated for use on insulated duct and piping applications. A metalized polyester film coated with a high quality low temperature acrylic adhesive is then applied to the rubberized asphalt. A heavy duty release liner gives it its peel and stick functionality. It is designed to be used outdoors to weather-proof exterior insulated ductwork, piping or other insulated tanks, vessels and equipment. It resists moisture, air and vapor intrusion.
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Features & Benefits

Zero Perm (0.00 permeability)
10-Year Warranty
Self-healing, puncture resistant
Bright white finish meets Calif. Title 24, CRRC & Energy Star requirements
Acrylic adhesive allows installation down to 10ºF
No pinning or activator required
Excellent emissivity
Can be used year round

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