(Formerly Blue Barrier Joint Filler 2200)

Polyguard Blue Barrier Gap Filler (BB GF) is a structural adhesive and detail sealant used to, (1) fill structural wall substrate voids and cracks, (2) bond dissimilar structural wall substrate materials at seams and joints, (3) seal as a sheet membrane top termination protection, and (4) provide an exposed sheet membrane edge sealant. BB GF is primarily used to prepare structural wall surfaces prior to application of other Polyguard products for above-grade Air Barrier membranes, Air Barrier Window and Door Flashing membranes, and below-grade foundation waterproofing membranes; but also performs a critical role over an installed above-grade sheet air barrier membrane or below-grade sheet waterproofing membrane as a sealant to properly shed water. BB GF was developed utilizing Silyl Terminated Polyether (STPE) Technology and is available in 20 oz. sausage tubes.

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Features & Benefits

Low viscosity, non-sag, creates a better and cleaner application bead
Large joint and seam filler; Bridges gaps up to 3/4” on multiple substrates, (concrete to wood for example)
Exceptional durability prevents flashing wear and tear
Superior adhesion to concrete, metal, CMU block, untreated OSB or plywood sheathings, gypsum, ICF
Environmentally friendly, solvent free, isocyanate free and low VOC
Advanced proprietary technology, non organic material
Damp surface application, bonds and cures in damp conditions
Class A surface burning rated: Provides added fire protection against flame spread and smoke development

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