GeoWrap is an outerwrap used over ReactiveGel RG-2400 products. Its fabric is a non-woven nylon fabric made by spinning and auto-genously bonding continuous filaments of nylon into a flat, smooth, strong, crisp fabric. The fabric is 2.0 ounces per yard (68 grams per square meter) in 12” and 48” widths by 400’ long rolls and weighs approximately .04 Lbs/SqFt.

It is used as an outer wrap over RG-2400 products. Its designed purpose is to support the RG-2400 on large diameter hot piping systems which tend to vibrate. It is also used on storage tanks and vessels. It is also installed to keep the insulation clean for future inspection if desired.
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Features & Benefits

Non-woven nylon geotextile fabric
High tensile, tear, and burst strength
Outstanding uniformity
Protective outer-wrap used over RG products
Keeps insulation clean
Resists solvents including alkalis & dilute acids
Withstands temperatures up to 425°F (218°C)
Melting point of 500°F (260°C)

Product Resources

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