*RG-2400 NP

RG-2400 NP is used on new piping systems, valves, tanks and vessels with a temperature range up to 230°F. RG-2400 NP is an anti-corrosion gel utilizing Polyguard’s unique mineralization technology, (the "science of Minetics"); this gel replaces the corrosion process with a mineral formation on and into the metal surface creating a mineral barrier 50-200 angstroms thick. A pH in the alkaline range passivates water vapor, and the hydrophobic nature of the gel repels water.

2400 NP is a formulation designed for the insulation industry, under insulation for NEW piping systems, tanks and vessels. It is a non-drying compound easily brush/spray applied to pipes, fittings, valves, tanks and vessels. Its’ non-skinning and non-sag properties make it a permanent solution. RG-2400 NP helps prevent corrosion from occurring on new piping systems; it requires no preparation other than making sure there are no oils, dirt or rust on the piping. In addition, RG-2400 LT helps prevent stainless steel and copper stress crack corrosion under insulation.

The color of the product (purple) allows for easy site inspection of an installation. When you cannot see the pipe through the purple gel, you should have sufficient coverage. It is assumed that any new piping will not be at any temperature above or below ambient. RG-2400 NP cleans easily with commercially available citrus cleaner followed by soap and water.
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Features & Benefits

For use in NEW Piping (NP) Systems
For use on any system up to 230°F
No preparation on new pipe without oils, dirt, or rust
Easily brush/spray applied, minimal preparation required
Non-Drying Compound
Non-skinning, non-sag properties
Helps prevent corrosion from occurring
Helps stop existing corrosion from advancing

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