Insulrap 50-SJ NG

Insulrap 50-SJ NG has a fiberglass scrim reinforcement embedded in the laminate using a process that minimizes the scrim profile providing extra strength, durability and enhanced lap adhesion with exceptional longitudinal stability, self-healing, and is zero perm making it the obvious choice of below ambient systems.

Insulrap 50-SJ NG products are the "Next Generation" premier direct burial membrane in the insulation market used as a waterproofing and vapor-proofing jacket. It is the first jacket of its type offering true zero perm performance.
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Features & Benefits

Black with fiberglass scrim reinforcement embedded in the laminate
Industry proven over 20 years and millions of square feet of insulated pipe
Moisture and Vapor retarder
Can be used in burial applications
Peel and Stick
50 mil thick
Superior elastomeric properties to expand and contract with substrate

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