Insulrap NG 125 "No Torch"

Insulrap™ "No Torch" 125 NG is a 125 mil self-adhesive vapor barrier and waterproofing membrane for installation over insulation on hot or cold underground piping systems.

Insulrap™ "No Torch" 125 NG is a multi-layered "peel and stick" product providing maximum protection of buried insulated pipe systems with labor saving ease of a peel and stick application. The outer film is a multi-laminate foil and polyester, high strength with an embedded polyester scrim pattern for extreme strength.

Insulrap™ "No Torch" 125 NG will expand and contract to accommodate normal pipe movement and is resistant to chemicals, acids, and alkalis.

Insulrap™ "No Torch" 125 NG will tolerate higher insulation surface temperatures than our other burial membranes. The design and engineering of insulation on buried steam lines is critical to the success of the system; special care must be taken in the design of these systems, consult the insulation manufacturer for more information.
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Features & Benefits

Heavy duty, 125 mils thick
Tough and durable
No need to torch
Excellent for the toughest backfill challenges
Extended temperature ranges to 180°F
Embedded scrim reinforcement built into a triple layer membrane
Self-Healing: rubberized bituminous membrane seals punctures
Self-sealing laps, easy Peel and Stick

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